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 Hash Me!

Hello and welcome to www-conf-viewer!

www-conf-viewer is a light and simple software on premise to check your website config.

www-conf-viewer is released under GPLv3 license, it is supplied AS-IS and we do not take any responsibility for its misusage.

First step, use the left side panel password and salt fields to create the hash to insert in the config file. Remember to manually set there also the salt value.

You have to follow some simple instructions for an optimal first setup:
  1. Keep MAX_SECURITY on and adopt SSL.
  2. Assign all the path to your configuration files in the config file.
  3. Fill free to add to $NGINX_DIRECTIVES and share with us.

Hope you can enjoy it and let us know about any feedback: posta@elettronica.lol

 Coding: Italy
 Server: United States 
 Metrics: Russia